Causes: What We Do

We are doing whatever it takes to reach every last child. We do this in various caring, and tender ways. A caring attitude helps us connect adequately with each child.

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#1 Our Humanitarian Work:

We ensure that children caught up in emergency have access to food and a shelter over their head. But beyond this we ensure protection is guarantee to the vulnerable. We are committed to bring to justice child that have been abused and exploited in one form or the other. We support medical centers with medications and medical equipment’s to combat infant mortality which is prevalent in rural areas. Apart from urgent needs like food, water, and shelters , we support communities in building classrooms in schools where children study under trees.

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#2 Health and Nutrition:

According to the United Nations report, yearly, almost 6 million children die before their fifth birthday, mostly from preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and sepsis especially in developing countries. Millions of children become ill or die because they lack access to health services or an adequate, nutritious diet. In fact, under -nutrition is estimated to contribute to 45% of all child deaths.

The world can save the lives of these children. Appropriate care before and around the time of birth could avert more than 50% of deaths attributable to labour and delivery complications, and care for small or sick newborns could avert 40% of newborn deaths. Timely and exact treatment of pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria could prevent up to 30% of child deaths in developing countries. Exclusive breastfeeding through a child’s first six months of life could prevent up to 13% of child deaths.

Also time to time we help to provide adequate vaccination to children who need them, hence health is the primary need to quality life and productivity.

The challenge is that these services are not reaching the children most in need. Herz of gold charity foundation does whatever it takes. By reaching more children, especially the most deprived and marginalized, with a small set of life-saving interventions, we can save millions of lives every year.

#3 Education:

Education improves life-long health, income and prospects of Herz Of gold charity foundation works to ensure that every child receives a good quality education and gains the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the 21st century since we have realized that education is the key to which children can take their position in the world.

We focused on developing where children are encouraged to participate in sports, drama and other competitions. Also we focus on providing sponsorship to under privileged children to help them attain basic essential education.
Research shows that many children in developing countries struggle to learn to read. To address this, our innovative Literacy Boost programme supports basic reading skills among young children.

We are expanding the programme to benefit tens of thousands of children across the community. As well as training teachers to be more effective, Literacy Boost involves whole communities in promoting reading through activities such as reading camps and reading buddy schemes.

#4 Sponsorship:

We sponsor children whose parents cannot afford means of livelihood, Herz of gold charity foundation ensure that these children get the basic thing, such support maybe psychological, social or economic till the child becomes self- sufficient.
HOG concept of sponsorship is based on these criteria:

  • Creating relationship between sponsor,child and family.
  • Child must continue in education.
  • HOG helps the family to bear educational expenses either completely or partially
  • Child continues to stay with family

Category for sponsorship is between 3 to 6 years.

#5 Early Childhood Care:

HOG aims at developing a child by providing early childhood care which eventually will lead to long term impact on child health, moral values and overall development.

Other activities include;

  • Running crèches, kindergarten and primary schools for children.
  • Organizing, training programs for care givers.

#6 Where We Work:

We Are Currently In Two States of Nigeria. Hog Is Conducting Various Programs Through Its Two Offices.

Anambra unitSchool projectStudy classrooms
Rivers UnitHygiene Project water/SanitationInfrastructure development. Advocacy and creating awareness about Drinking water and need for sanitation.

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