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How Charities Can Help Children During Recession. HOG 2

Helping children is a common aim and objective of many charity foundations. But helping where it counts is of uttermost importance.

In this article, I will show you an insider perspective. On how global charities can make more impact with children campaigns in Nigeria.

Especially in this times of Nigeria's economic recession.

Children Generally Need Help

I respect children a lot. I respect their advice and suggestions.
Their companionship and genuine tender smiles is second to none.
I acknowledge the discretion of children also — Children are born with instincts too. They can think for themselves.

Having lived in Europe, I became even more conscious in the way I communicate to children. I suggest to them often, rather than commanding — now you see I respect children.

But lets face it — Children cannot provide for themselves. They depend on their parents for daily survival.

Children in more economically stable countries may have access to partime holiday jobs. But, generically speaking, children cannot provide for themselves.
They rely on parents and guidance.

How to Truly Help Children

  • Be empathic
  • Be tender
  • Be affection
  • Give healthy nutrition
  • Give emotional support

Children in Nigeria need nutrition support – myth or true

I have come to understand that the way to help children cannot be generic. It varies.

From countries to countries.
It also depends on the situation at stake.

I was, — and still I am an activist against the notion that poverty is a tagline in Africa.

I do not entertain when people refer to African children as poor. Its all about relativity.

The picture below — captured by different photographers supports my opinion.

But with the looming economic recession in Nigeria, I drift a little bit with my opinions. — Yes I do.

Even those of us born with a semi — silver spoon can even feel the impact of the economic recession.

This implies that children in Nigeria need more attention and help more, than ever before.

Here is the economic recession in Nigeria through my lens.

  • Increased foreign exchange - doubled!. 1 Euro was 198 Naira before. Now it is 415 naira.
  • Doubled cost of goods and services within the country. — Induced by the doubled foreign exchange rate.
  • The national economy is in the early stages of diversification from foreign importation. To a self producing economy.

The doubled expenditure rates are without an increment in wages of workers — at least not at the national level.

You and I need to remember that children are direct dependants on their parents.

Thus these cost implications tells on children — directly!.

Health foundations in Nigeria should also consider the ripple effect from the recession. And thus be more responsive to the call of children.

Per adventure, this article also serves as an insider metrics. Helpful to organization interested in — hunger in Africa facts.

Recession in Nigeria Affects Children Nutrition Negatively – Directly!

This is where it matters the most.

A doubled expenditure rate in Nigeria, without a rise in income rate tells on nutrition.

Yes it does.

The cost of food items are also doubled.

I hope you now understand my earlier point.

Charities that help children, should take note these facts.
— Helping children depends on the situation at stake.

The various African children charities must do the same.

HOG Infant Children Outreach. December 2017

With a caring heart. And a passion to supporting the nutrition of recession-affected children in Nigeria.

The items captured below was provided by HOG charity in December 2017

It is high time NGO who supports education in Nigeria expand their scopes.

They need to include nutrition, because without proper nutrition, learning will be infertile.

Children tends to loose concentration when they are hungry — adults could manage for a while.

Nourished body and souls learn better — especially when it comes to children.

HOG Charity — Passionate About the Vision

The Heart of Gold — HOG. A charity foundation in Nigeria that supports children.

Having seen the diversity between both worlds — Nigeria and Austria etc.

HOG; founded by a Nigerian diaspora — Mrs. Laura Ikeobi officially began operation in 2017

With a passionate heart for the vision, Laura was able to attract a passionate team.

A diversified team of Africans and Europeans.

With commitment, they are on a mission for impacting the affected children in Nigeria, — a little per time.

Slow but steady.

I really hope you share the same passion for children.

For them, it is not about how much, it about the impact.

That is why we are here on earth — showing a little love at a time.

If you are not making an impact in this generation, then you should think twice on your philosophies.

HOG Collaborates — Your Charity Representative to Nigeria

Global charities seeking collaboration. HOG can be your reliable representatives or partners to Nigeria contact us here

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HOG charity shares your passion too — mutual passion for the vision - supporting children

Infant nutrition matters.


  • Children generally need help
  • Children in Nigeria need nutrition support - myth or true (Recession makes it True!)
  • Recession in Nigeria affects children nutrition negatively
  • HOG Charity has a heart to support children
  • What HOG did, and what other charities can do too
  • HOG did a program to support infant nutrition in December. (donated provisions and care items)
  • HOG needs support to do more — Please Donate today

I hope charities helping children in Africa, would concentrate more on nutrition.

— Especially in this time of economic recession in the country.

And I hope the many health foundations to Africa would do the same.

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Written by LekanA of Mediadise — for HOG Charity.

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